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The WALLENDA series of plano-convex sculptures are comprised of compact, multi-dimensional, colorful commentaries on the encroachment upon the natural habitat of all living species. These works extend and elaborate upon past work that reflects concern for relationships between line and pictorial space. Structurally, these works affect a sense of drawing with space, giving emphasis to the humorous and buoyant treatment of line. The serio-comic imagery, thickening and thinning of shapes, elastic demeanor, feel spontaneous, alive.  Designed to be wall-mounted, ceiling-suspended, or anchored in free open environments, WALLENDAS possess the compositional integrity of collage while maintaining the painterly quality of abstraction. Like some ancient wall paintings, WALLENDAS echo a unique type of cautionary iconography while remaining fluidly decorative and insightfully explorative.

Tony Zaza, 2011