Header OrnamentMore Adventures of Suzy Creamcheez and MR./DR. ViagreatHeader Ornament

The saga of Suzy Creemcheeze and Mr./Dr. ViaGreat started in November 2002. The first drawing, in oil stick on paper showed Suzy slightly tilted in the foreground with Mr. V staring at her from a doorway at the end of the office. Suzy has three breasts; this came about spontaneously. Three is always more interesting than 2, the quantity always appears in fairy tales and jokes, and the 3rd is always the answer or the charm. The charm of the Suzy and Dr. V story is its relentlessness. There is an obsessive-ness that may be familiar. Suzy is working for Mr. V. He is fascinated with her and won’t stop gazing at her. To make matters worse, she is a lonely single woman forced to work to support herself in an environment filled with sexist complications. For example, the office machines have been “upgraded” to resemble male and female genitalia, part of a company objective to promote “openness” between the sexes. Suzy is found in the middle of this crazy equipment, trying to answer the bizarre telephone and carry on her work as best she can. From the stress of her environment, Suzy begins to develop fantasies, delusions of Mr. V coming after her with a gun, trying to kill her and actually succeeding. But are these delusions or is Suzy really murdered? The story continues with Suzy being violently pursued by Mr. ViaGreat lookalikes- she is fired upon, run over, and in other ways monstrously victimized. In another horrendous insult to Suzy, the bullet (shaped like a penis) from the gun that fires at her goes to the hospital, while Suzy’s pain is ignored. She is at a bar having a drink with a man who looks like Mr. V. She goes to a party and winds up dancing with Mr. V or someone who looks suspiciously like him. While crossing a bridge, two demonic trains speed toward her, controlled by Mr. V or who? But also, how can she be dead or crippled by these attacks when she keeps appearing in the next frame and the next?

Suzy flies over the city; she has grown wings and could be an angel, sent to heaven as a divine escape from her impossible life. She rides a whale on a distant sea, happy atop the fish’s belly as it glides along. In this brief catalog, a group of what could partly be described as Iraqi outtakes, Suzy is once again in a man’s habitat, the battlefield, such as it is with dysfunctional planes and helicopters as well as Mr. Viagreat dressed up like Scarlett O’Hara in some kind of civil war tranny nightmare. So Suzy continues on with this tormented life, delusional or real, having dreams of the penis bullet flying over her head over and over again. Oh and if I forgot to mention it, Mr. ViaGreat is a man in the shape of a penis with 4 testicles, two on top, two on the bottom, that serve as rolling feet. He has 4 because he is the ultra male, the super manshow participant that has so much testosterone that it’s unbelievable—no one could subject a woman to such torture if he wasn’t somehow too much a man. And the Dr. title, well that refers to another saga having to do with an evil gynecologist….to be continued.

Victoria Hanks
February 27, 2004